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Railings and stair parts

Railings and stair parts in salt lake city

When it comes to a stair and railing system for your home’s interior or exterior there are hundreds of choices in style and materials to choose from. At C&M Doors we can help you choose which style and material is right for your taste and your budget. We carry cable, tube and panel systems that give a sleek modern stairway design. We also carry and install an extensive assortment of popular and unique forged ornamental iron and wood collection. An all-wood stair system is always in style. We carry dozens of styles of wood balusters, newel designs and handrail profiles for every style and taste.

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Types of Railings and stair parts

Newel Posts

Newel posts are the best way to seamlessly connect a handrail with stairs and level runs. A post-to-post newels is used when you want your design to be seamless, but not as noticeable from afar.  Our  designs includes turning styles that will match any baluster style or wood species. Newels can also be custom designed for just about anything including height measurements, square railings on corners where two walls meet each other at a right angle without using angles brackets and round staircases. 

Every box newel is lovingly hand-crafted by a skilled craftsman, with the attention to detail and care that make our products beautiful additions for your home.
Styles include fluted panel, raised panels, recessed panel, plain panels or inlaid panels.


Balusters are the decorative vertical columns that hold a handrail up between Newel Posts. You can choose from ornamental iron balusters or the more traditional wood balusters. C & M Doors offers an extensive assortment of popular styles in various square and round sizes ranging from ½” up to ¾”. Ornamental iron balusters are constructed from “mild” steel, making them very durable and much stronger than wrought iron versions. Each and every baluster is handmade, which means no two are exactly alike. Slight variations in the details add individuality and character to any stairway. Iron balusters are available in solid and hollow designs. Wood balusters can be made to match existing styles.


The handrail is the pillar of any railing system and provides support for all other components. Make sure to consult with a professional before choosing your newel posts, balusters, or rails – you want them to match!

Handrails are necessary in order to provide stability when running up stairs. Different types of railings can be chosen based on personal preferences as well as different house styles. We carry over 35 different handrail profiles. Add character and charm by choosing a curved or bent handrail system.

Another option for stability on stairs is installing a wall rail. A wall rail is handrail that is mounted directly to the wall with  brackets on the closed side of a stairway. 

Treads and Risers

Treads are the part of a step that one steps on and we offer many different treads in various width, length, and configurations. We have plain treads with or without a miter return as well as longer lengths like 18 inches long for hardwood floors. If you need guidance finding what kind of wood is best suited to your project then speak with our helpful associates who will be glad to help.

Stair risers are the vertical component of a step that can hit your toe if you ascend up stairs. We have many options for different types and heights in order to accommodate any stair layout, including 14 standard species as well as custom quotes on other kinds.

Cable and Tube Systems

Our swageless cable fittings will save you money. With our 1×19 construction, your indoor stairway or exterior deck can be left to its natural beauty for years of enjoyment without the need for expensive equipment.

If a more upscale look is desired with an unimpeded view through both sides of the railing, we recommend combining durable 316 stainless steel rope and tube connectors with ¾” hollow 304-grade stainless steel tube in either black finish or clear coated aluminum finish.

With swageless cable rail fittings, the cables can be installed easily at the site without any special equipment and without having to pre-measure.

Rosette's and Accessories

The rosette, a decorative component used to form the final conclusion of handrail where it meets with an adjacent wall, is available in many different shapes and wood species. The oval or round shape are most commonly seen on stairways as they complement the circular pattern of stairs. Rectangular rosettes can be found more often than other shapes at building entrances such as those that lead into lobbies from outside buildings because their rigid angles match up well against walls.

Rosettes come in numerous styles but one thing remains constant: all designs must seamlessly blend together without any visual interruption between them for maximum aesthetic value!

Interior Railings and stair parts Gallery

Exterior Railings and stair parts Gallery

some questions from our customers


The cost to install a stair railing varies depending on materials chosen, length and other factors. A typical range is $900 on the low end to as high as $10,000 or more. Wooden handrails cost less than pricey metal options. 

All-wood railings are currently in style and always stand the test of time when built and installed properly. Modern wood and iron railings are still a very popular choice. We are doing more and more modern all-iron or all-aluminum railings in the new modern homes. Cable and tube system railings have grown in popularity as well, especially on exterior decks.

If you are building a new house or remodeling, it may be tempting to match every detail including the flooring with your staircase but this may not give you the look you want. You can coordinate all of these elements without having them perfectly matched by just painting parts in different colors or adding panels and borders that blend well into both areas for an overall cohesive look. Having contrasting colors (dark with light) is a good way to go. Choosing darker treads and balusters with light or white risers and handrails is a beautiful look.

Carpet on the stairs is a great way to add traction and make it easier for people with mobility issues. If you have hardwood floors, there’s always some chance that they will be slippery– especially when wet or in higher traffic areas such as entrances from rain, snow boots, etc. Carpets are also better at hiding dirt than other surfaces like wood flooring so if safety is one of your main concerns then go ahead and choose a low-pile carpet!

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